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Its not Wiki

Over the weekend Google decided to change the markup on the Google project wiki pages which broke our Wiki on this site. We pull through the HTML from Google so we do not have to keep two sets of the same information up to date. From what I can tell they have really screwed us over on this so the wiki is going to be unavailable for a while. I have made a request for them to change it back so lets see what happens. Until it is fixed you can view all of our support pages over at Google.

Update: The wiki is now fixed again thanks to a speedy response from the Google team.

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October site showcase

The October showcase is here and I think it is one of my favourites so far. Pixie has had an excellent month: 14,500 site visitors and the total number of downloads hitting close to 5000 now. Thanks to everyone for trying it out and all the tips and advice that have been flying around the forums as well. The next release is in development but being delayed by a bug that is affecting some sites in different time zones. You can track the bug fixes as we make them on the release notes wiki page.

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Its Wiki

I have just updated the Wiki this morning with two new pages. The first contains lots of Pixie banners and logos for anyone who would like to promote Pixie, they also maybe useful if you are blogging about Pixie (wink wink). The second page is a release notes page that I will be updating as I progress on development into the next release, you can use it to see what I am currently working on:


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Pixie Tip - Change the default Gravatar

Most of the Pixie sites I have seen on the interweb are using the default Gravatar image that ships with the download... I wanted to point out how easy it is to change it. For those of you unfamiliar with Gravatars, they are small images associated with your email address. Each time you post to a blog or site that supports them your chosen Gravatar image will show up next to your post, if you have not setup a Gravatar it will simply show a default image instead. Add a comment to this post to see how they work.

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