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One year on

Last Friday was Pixie's first birthday (yes.. it has taken me a week to find the time to write this post). To celebrate we thought it would be nice to reflect on some of the stats from the year and give out a few freebies as well.

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Interface Design - Chapter 2 - Pixie 1.0

My final university project (completed almost two years ago) was to take SMX (Pixies predecessor) and work on a new interface design. The project lasted five months and included a number of usability studies, eight variations of the design and a great deal of work to come up with something that felt unique and usable.

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Hosted Pixie?

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An idea that has been floating around the toggle office for sometime has been offering a hosted version of Pixie. For the less technically minded it can be a challenge to get Pixie installed and setup so we thought it might be useful to offer a fully hosted environment which allows new comers to get setup quickly and easily. The package will include hosting, email, a domain name and support. We have not worked out the numbers in terms of cost, bandwidth or storage space as we wanted to gauge your interest first. If it is not too much trouble pop your thoughts into the questionnaire above (we will post up the results soon).

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April site showcase

Pixie is fast approaching its first birthday (it was launched to the public as part of the May 1st Reboot 2008) and we have managed to successfully showcase three fantastic sites every month. We are getting quite a big backlog of sites to feature so we have decided that this month we are going to put some time aside to create a dedicated showcase section to the site. This will be the last showcase in the blog and it is a good one! We have example of Pixie being used for excellent causes, some excellent design and an unexpected surprise. On with the showcase...

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