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March site showcase

Once again we have some very tasty sites in the showcase, it is a real pleasure to see the different ways Pixie is being used. It is time for the March site showcase...

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By Pixie Admin

10,000 Pixies

At the end of last week Pixie hit 10,000 downloads, the total count as I write this article is 10,388. This has always been a personal milestone of mine and I celebrated with quite a few glasses of wine on Saturday night. For a product that has not been advertised I think that it is an impressive number to hit. Here is how the numbers (roughly) break down:

  • 1150 Downloads per month.
  • 290 Download per week.
  • 41 Downloads per day.

What this tells me is that despite the popularity of products such as WordPress, Jooomla and Drupal people are still looking for a simpler way to manage and build websites - the systems that exist at the moment still have vast room for improvement. I do not think any web based content management system (open source or otherwise) has come close to offering a perfect mix of both flexibility and simplicity in one package (that includes Pixie). The demand for such a product can also be seen in the search terms being used to find Pixie, some of our popular searches are:

  • open source website creator
  • simple site
  • open source web page creator
  • simple website creator

Thank you to everyone who has given Pixie a try to date, this milestone gives me the motivation to keep working on solving the problem known as "content management" aka: "an easier way to create and manage websites". We love seeing what gets created with Pixie so please keep posting your links to the forums.

By Pixie Admin

Pixie on Open Source CMS

open source cms

Pixie has just been added to the Open Source CMS website, a site I have used many times when searching for the ideal content management system. We are pleased to be featured on the site and welcome all the new visitors that it brings. Please help us out by leaving comments and voting for Pixie - we would love to have your feedback. If your trying the demo what are you first impressions? what do you like? would you be tempted to use Pixie in future projects? what puts you off? what systems do you currently use?. We look forward to your throughs.

By Pixie Admin

Pixie v1.01

The next release of Pixie is now ready for download, it contains a patch for the security flaw found last week as well as a number of improvements detailed after the jump. One of the big changes to this version is that we have disabled clean URLs by default during the install of Pixie. We hope this will improve compatibility with Windows servers and give people a better experience when they are testing the application. Those of you using Linux/Unix based hosting will probably want to enable clean URLs after you have installed Pixie.

One more thing to note is that we have published the upgrade instructions to the wiki, unfortunately they are a little convoluted. If you get stuck or find bugs - please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

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By Pixie Admin