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February site showcase

It has been a busy month for new Pixie sites and we have some great work in the showcase. If you would like to see your site featured here next month then post the URL to the "site showcase" thread in the forums. Getting your site featured is not only good for us (demonstrating what Pixie is capable of) but also good for you as we will send traffic your way and hopefully improve your SEO too. On with the showcase...

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Security patch for Pixie v1.0

It has come to our attention that Pixie v1.0 is suffering from Multiple Local File Include vulnerabilities. This morning we have been working on a patch for this issue and it can now be downloaded here. Most servers should already be setup to prevent such an exploit from occurring, however it is better to get it patched to be on the safe side. If you have any questions about this update please post them to the Pixie forums.

We are also working hard to get version 1.01 of Pixie ready, it will include this security fix and a number of other improvements.

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January site showcase

Happy new year! We hope that Pixie continues to be useful to you in 2009. We want to see many more of your sites being featured in our monthly showcases so please let us know when you launch a Pixie site this year. We would also love to hear about your Pixie ideas for 2009 in the comments.

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Portfolio & Review modules

Its been a busy week for Pixie, we pushed out lots of new themes a few days ago and last night we uploaded two new modules as well.

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