10,000 Pixies

At the end of last week Pixie hit 10,000 downloads, the total count as I write this article is 10,388. This has always been a personal milestone of mine and I celebrated with quite a few glasses of wine on Saturday night. For a product that has not been advertised I think that it is an impressive number to hit. Here is how the numbers (roughly) break down:

  • 1150 Downloads per month.
  • 290 Download per week.
  • 41 Downloads per day.

What this tells me is that despite the popularity of products such as WordPress, Jooomla and Drupal people are still looking for a simpler way to manage and build websites - the systems that exist at the moment still have vast room for improvement. I do not think any web based content management system (open source or otherwise) has come close to offering a perfect mix of both flexibility and simplicity in one package (that includes Pixie). The demand for such a product can also be seen in the search terms being used to find Pixie, some of our popular searches are:

  • open source website creator
  • simple site
  • open source web page creator
  • simple website creator

Thank you to everyone who has given Pixie a try to date, this milestone gives me the motivation to keep working on solving the problem known as "content management" aka: "an easier way to create and manage websites". We love seeing what gets created with Pixie so please keep posting your links to the forums.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 19 February 2009, 17:17


Gravatar Image #1 Kreezii 5396 days ago.

Pixie is awesome, it's i was looking for my webpage, easy but powerful. Thank you for develop easy things in a complicated world :-).

Gravatar Image #2 Tom 5396 days ago.

This is just what I've been looking for. Not overblown, clean and easy to strip out unneeded aspects, and great entry & backend management for dev'ing own modules. Great job!

Gravatar Image #3 Daniel 5395 days ago.

Thanks for sharing your simply great system with us. It's close to what I was looking for. It makes me motivated to spend time to work in as it's easy to understand, well organized and flexible too. Thanks!

Gravatar Image #4 Scott Evans 5394 days ago.

Thanks all for your kind words, it is greatly appreciated! :)

Gravatar Image #5 Richard Small 5389 days ago.

Congrats on the milestone - I recommend to anyone that asks... even people that don\'t. Keep up be good work and bring on 100000!

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