April site showcase

Pixie is fast approaching its first birthday (it was launched to the public as part of the May 1st Reboot 2008) and we have managed to successfully showcase three fantastic sites every month. We are getting quite a big backlog of sites to feature so we have decided that this month we are going to put some time aside to create a dedicated showcase section to the site. This will be the last showcase in the blog and it is a good one! We have example of Pixie being used for excellent causes, some excellent design and an unexpected surprise. On with the showcase...

God Farm

God Farm

God Farm was created in 2005 as a tangible way to put the Christian faith in action by helping to eliminate poverty.

The Garden Expansion Kit Company

Garden Expansion Kit company

Garden Expansion Kits are high quality bespoke weatherproof photographic prints designed to transform the forgotten parts of your garden.

Kasper Elbjorn

Kasper Elbjorn

Home of Kasper Elbjorn, investment banker from Copenhagen.



Apple (needs little introduction), have just switched to Pixie for their CMS. Apparently it was the great interface design that sealed the deal.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 6 June 2009, 00:34


Gravatar Image #1 dpihosting 5347 days ago.

Hi I got a link from webresourcesdepot.com. Im going to explore pixie. I hope its a wonderful product. Thanks..

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5347 days ago.

Great stuff! Let us know what you think.

Gravatar Image #3 Ehab 5346 days ago.

Apple uses Pixie :D ? zOMG !

Gravatar Image #4 Pawel 5332 days ago.

April fool with apple ;) good job anyway !

Gravatar Image #5 Scott Evans 5332 days ago.

Indeed :).

Gravatar Image #6 Richard Small 5330 days ago.

Thanks again for showcasing one of my sites Scott! Pixie is brilliant - keep up the good work!

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