Five new themes (and two more)

We are pleased to announce the launch of five new themes for Pixie. Some of these themes are Pixie exclusives and others are adapted from existing WordPress templates. If you would like to try them we have uploaded a copy of all these themes to the demo site.

Blue Idea

theme - blue idea

A clean and modern 2 column theme in blue by Lively web directory.


theme - bluebird

Bluebird is a happy blue and brown, 2-column theme by Randa Clay.

Letters from India

theme - letters from india

[exclusive] A theme inspired by letters from India by toggle.


theme - lift

[exclusive] This is a nice simple, light and clean theme by Andrew Gregory.

Zoot Suit

theme - zoot suit

[exclusive] A theme inspired by pinstriped zoot suits of the 1930's by toggle.

And two more?

We were also hoping to announce our first ever premium themes for Pixie today except we hit a small problem. The idea was to sell these last two via but they rejected the templates for the following reason:

"This is a nice looking theme, however, we aren't currently supporting the Pixie CMS. There simply isn't enough of an audience for it on our site."

I fail to see how they can anticipate demand if they have never tried to sell them in the first place… and surely providing them on the site will create demand for both the themes and for Pixie? Rather than dwell on this narrow minded behaviour too long we have decided to put our efforts into creating our own shop. This will take a little longer to get sorted but it does mean that all the proceeds of these themes can be put back into Pixie development. The two themes we will be selling first are:

Letters from Japan

theme - letters from japan

[exclusive] A theme inspired by childhood pen-pal letters from Japan by toggle.

Northern Lights

theme - northern lights

[exclusive] An ambient, beautiful and semi-transparent theme by toggle.

We would love to hear your feedback on a Pixie shop and any of our new themes… so… we will pick a comment at random from this post and send a Christmas day surprise to the email address supplied.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 20 February 2009, 10:31