January site showcase

Happy new year! We hope that Pixie continues to be useful to you in 2009. We want to see many more of your sites being featured in our monthly showcases so please let us know when you launch a Pixie site this year. We would also love to hear about your Pixie ideas for 2009 in the comments.



elx-studio is the homepage and portfolio of web designer Salvatore Livolsi.

Old Woodhouseians Football Club

Old Woodhouseians Football Club

Old Woodhouseians Football Club by Richard Small.

Bodytonic Blobs

Bodytonic Blobs

Bodytonic Blobs is a micro-site for Bodytonic Music.

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Gravatar Image #1 Salvatore 5443 days ago.

Thx to put my website on your "January Site Showcase" Pixie is very a good good project :) Salva

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5442 days ago.

No problem... thanks for using Pixie! :)

Gravatar Image #3 BladeEx 5438 days ago.

BodyTonicMusic is a really great looking site was it also built with pixie? If so what forum is that? Also how does the video work with the site?

Gravatar Image #4 Scott Evans 5437 days ago.

I do not think the main BodyTonicMusic site is Pixie powered, just the sub-site (Bodytonic Blobs) featured here.

Gravatar Image #5 Matthew 5411 days ago.

Hey thanks for featuring us here! We use Django for our main site, but most of our minisites are using Pixie including the following: http://www.bodytonicmusic.com/stereotonic/ http://www.bodytonicmusic.com/pogo/ http://www.bodytonicmusic.com/mud/ We'll be using it for more rolling out in the future too!

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