November site showcase

It looks like we have started a trend in site showcasing for CMSs; Wordpress announced yesterday that it is launching its very own showcase... but lets face it, none are as good as what you can do with Pixie (*cough*). We have another great showcase this month:



Underhanded is the personal blog of Richard Small, a graphic designer based in the UK.



LIFT: A site dedicated to electric powered gliders and the people that fly them.

Curator's Office

Curator's Office

Curator's Office periodically invites a curator (museum curator, critic, artist, collector, educator, promising student, gallerist) to display a tightly focused presentation of an artist or art collective's work.

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Gravatar Image #1 Mike Johnston 5496 days ago.

This is to inform you that your CMS has made our Top 5 CMS Choices for Complete Beginners list at Congrats! CMS

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5496 days ago.

Hi Mike, That is great news! thanks for the mention!

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