October site showcase

The October showcase is here and I think it is one of my favourites so far. Pixie has had an excellent month: 14,500 site visitors and the total number of downloads hitting close to 5000 now. Thanks to everyone for trying it out and all the tips and advice that have been flying around the forums as well. The next release is in development but being delayed by a bug that is affecting some sites in different time zones. You can track the bug fixes as we make them on the release notes wiki page.

Stereo Tonic

Stereo Tonic

Stereo Tonic is a child site of Bodytonic: A lovely, friendly community to share your thoughts on lifestyle, the world and other useless things.


Anderra - natural body care guide

Anderra is your complete guide to natural body care. The site features product reviews, in-depth glossary of common ingredients and the latest news from natural and organic body care companies.

Trajectory Partnership

Trajectory Partnership - Social and Consumer trends

The Trajectory Partnership are a new futures business who are experts in analysing and forecasting social and consumer trends.

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Gravatar Image #1 Juan Alvarez 5534 days ago.

How difficult is to create a welcome page like the trajectory? Is this possible to get a similar template to see the changes? thanks!

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5533 days ago.

Hi Juan, The homepage on the trajectory site is a hard coded page (non-editable in the CMS) that was created as a module. The module consists of HTML and is styled in the theme.

Gravatar Image #3 Eoghan 5311 days ago.

Hi, Love Pixie and I am gonna use Pixie for some projects where I can. Re the trajectory site, is the homepage 2 modules? i.e. one being the content and the other being 'our offers', I have a specific need for something similiar i.e. content on the hompage and links to services on the side. Another thing which has me confuded is how the 'what we do' page is anchored? Finally 'who are we' page: are the people created using individual models and the main content using the editable content?? Pixie Rocks B-) :D

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