One year on

Last Friday was Pixie's first birthday (yes.. it has taken me a week to find the time to write this post). To celebrate we thought it would be nice to reflect on some of the stats from the year and give out a few freebies as well.

The stats

In one year we have had (roughly):

  • 85,000 site visitors.
  • 250,000 page views.
  • Our busiest day was September 12th 2008 with 3200 visits. 
  • 300 download per week.
  • 44 downloads per day.

All statistics were taken from Google Analytics (so they may not be completely accurate) and do not include visits to the demo site. What these stats highlight to me is that we need to be turning more visitors into users. How can we do that?

The freebies

By giving away more freebies! As a little gift to all those who use Pixie we have uploaded a couple of new files. The first is a theme called "Letters from Japan". A theme inspired by childhood pen-pal letters from Japan by toggle. It is designed to complement the Letters from India theme that we released back in December.

theme - letters from japan

Our second freebie is a useful tool we have been using for some time which allows you to automate your database backups. You will need to have access to Cron (or something similar) on your server for this to work. Simply upload the cron.php file to the route of your website and get Cron to visit it once a day. This will automate your database backups in case you forget to do it manually.

Cron Backups


p.s. We have not got around to deploying the new Pixie showcase module, it is on the to-do list and will hopefully be ready soon. The showcase will feature the best Pixie sites from around the web.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 11 June 2009, 15:41


Gravatar Image #1 Andrew 5318 days ago.

Scott, great work on Pixie, and congrats on 1 year. I have enjoyed working with Pixie so far, and I am again using it on my newest project. It fits my needs quite well as I do web development as a part-time job/hobby, and most of the sites that I create are fairly basic. Great work on Pixie and I look forward to what the future will bring! Thanks!

Gravatar Image #2 Robzone 5316 days ago.

Scott, I do use Pixie and I like it very much. Great job. However, I do miss very much an "user friendly" Photo Gallery. Hopefully one day we will have it ;-)

Gravatar Image #3 Nollind Whachell 5314 days ago.

Gratz Scott! :)

Gravatar Image #4 Dylan 5308 days ago.

Hey man, great job on Pixie, I'm really liking how it's coming along. Also, thanks for making it, it's hella useful.

Gravatar Image #5 Fazal 5306 days ago.

Pixie is great, gonna download it for my website soon - cant wait to use it, Great Job!

Gravatar Image #6 Alex 5305 days ago.

Hey Scott - Pixie is Awesome, Downloaded not long ago, and is perfect for what I'm using it for, So easy to use - Better than any other script I have tried - Thanks alot

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