Pixie 1.04 (alpha) - Lets get testing

After three months of frantic development, the alpha (pre release) version of the popular simple open source content management system: Pixie 1.04a is available! Tony has been working exceptionally hard to patch bugs and improve the core architecture. As a result, there are plenty of changes. Here are some of the big ones:

  • jQuery 1.4.2 - jQuery has been upgraded to the latest release.
  • jQuery from Google apis - You can now choose to serve jQuery from Google's servers.
  • Tablesorter - You can now sort the columns in the dashboard log.
  • GZIP compression - You can compress your site's themes and the admin area using GZIP compression. This speeds up Pixie on slow hosts.
  • CKEditor - TinyMCE just wasn't doing it. We now have the most popular WYSIWYG editor available built right into Pixie.
  • More languages - We have added translations from contributors around the world to increase the amount of languages Pixie supports along with cleaning up existing ones.
  • Installer - Improvements to the installer to further simplify the process and add some new advanced features. You can now install more than one copy of Pixie on a single database.

We would love to have your feedback on this release before we push it live as an official upgrade. You can post your thoughts, bugs and ideas to us on the Pixie forums. Once again I would to thank Tony for all his hard work. Lets get testing! Download Pixie 1.04a.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 22 March 2010, 15:53


Gravatar Image #1 Alex Jsti 5006 days ago.

In timezone Europe - where is Kyiv (Ukraine)? And Installer is fully works, because in previous version I cant to install. Tnx much

Gravatar Image #2 Alex Jsti 5006 days ago.

But Still cant log into admin panel(

Gravatar Image #3 Tony 5004 days ago.

Hi Scott! I would like to also mention importantly; that php 5 support has been much improved in 1.04 and it is fast! I did forget to mention that in my blog post. So much has changed! :) Alex, could you please start a ticket on the Pixie bug tracker to provide some more info and we can try to find out about what is happening to prevent you from being able to login. http://code.google.com/p/pixie-cms/issues/list PS, I think the 1.40 beta is nearly ready Scott. :)

Gravatar Image #4 Scott Evans 5003 days ago.

Excellent. I will be testing it out today and preparing a beta download. We can run this until mid week and then its go for launch.

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