Pixie goes forth

Pixie is launched! After a long time in development we finally have version 1 ready. I would like to say thanks to all of the beta testers who have been finding bugs in Pixie for the last few weeks. Since beta testing we have improved quite a bit of the code and updated the themes. Some of the new additions include:

  • Twitter block.
  • Dynamic page pagination and next/previous posts.
  • Portuguese language.
  • Temporary lockout after three failed login attempts for extra security.
  • A contact form module.
  • and plenty of bug fixes.

We have been working hard to get this site ready to coincide with the May 1st Reboot. We hope you like Pixie and we are looking forward to your feedback.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 24 June 2009, 23:58


Gravatar Image #1 Chris K. 5691 days ago.

Hi Scott. First off, let me say congrats on the reboot and official public release of Pixie 1.0. I stumbled across Pixie a few weeks ago and was very impressed with it's simplicity and power. Quite frankly it's one of the only CMS apps I've seen to date that isn't overinflated with useless "features" that either clients or myself would never use. I've been anxiously awaiting Pixie's official unveiling and am looking forward to implementing it on an upcoming project. Thanks again for all your efforts! -Chris

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5691 days ago.

Hi Chris. Thanks for your kind words! We want to keep Pixie simple to use and something that you can confidently let your clients use. We would love to see the sites you make with Pixie.

Gravatar Image #3 Ian Gordon 5689 days ago.

Scott, You have done a superb job with this script and I wish to congratulate you on this accomplishment. I look forward to successive versions and improvements on functionality and newer and faster performance as you tweak it.

Gravatar Image #4 Mariana Håkansson 5688 days ago.

Hi Scott! I have waited for the Pixie release in months. :) It is great! Can't wait for the updates. I have re-built one website of mine to integrate it with Pixie, www.phantommana.com, and will continue to add stuff to it. Thank you for Pixie! Will support it.

Gravatar Image #5 Scott Evans 5687 days ago.

Mariana, really love the website. I am going to put together a Pixie showcase in the blog today. Your site will be in it!

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