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Pixie has just been added to the Open Source CMS website, a site I have used many times when searching for the ideal content management system. We are pleased to be featured on the site and welcome all the new visitors that it brings. Please help us out by leaving comments and voting for Pixie - we would love to have your feedback. If your trying the demo what are you first impressions? what do you like? would you be tempted to use Pixie in future projects? what puts you off? what systems do you currently use?. We look forward to your throughs.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 2 May 2010, 17:47


Gravatar Image #1 Daniel Ervik 5403 days ago.

Hi Scott I have been using many different cms' through my time, and sworn to joomla and wordpress. All this changed today, when I came over Pixie at opensourceCMS. During my test of it on the demosite I absolutely fell in love with how you have made it so simplistic and yet absolutly fullfeatured; it has all those good things I really need, but has not a overly advanced user interface and unnecessary features. I have become inspired, and there is now no question on which "cms" (sorry for using this term) I will use on my new website. I honestly thank you :)

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