Pixie Tip - Change the default Gravatar

Most of the Pixie sites I have seen on the interweb are using the default Gravatar image that ships with the download... I wanted to point out how easy it is to change it. For those of you unfamiliar with Gravatars, they are small images associated with your email address. Each time you post to a blog or site that supports them your chosen Gravatar image will show up next to your post, if you have not setup a Gravatar it will simply show a default image instead. Add a comment to this post to see how they work.

Gravatar default in Pixie

In Pixie the default image is fairly generic (see above) but can easily be changed through the File Manager. Once Pixie is installed you should see four images in your file manager which can easily be replaced by uploading images of the same file-name over the top of the defaults, the images are:

  • rss_feed_icon.gif - This icon is used on your RSS feeds to identify your feed. We normally stick a logo in this image.
  • no_grav.jpg - This image is your default Gravatar image which you will probably want to change to match your theme.
  • apple_touch_icon.jpg - This image is used by the iPhone and iPod touch when saving a link to your Home Screen. This is for your public facing site and will probably be your site or company logo.
  • apple_touch_icon_pixie.jpg - This image is the same as above but is for your admin/pixie area... most of the time you will probably leave this as it is.

Give it a try by replacing these files with your own images and see how you get on. Any troubles... head to the forums.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 12 December 2009, 00:48