Pixie v1.01

The next release of Pixie is now ready for download, it contains a patch for the security flaw found last week as well as a number of improvements detailed after the jump. One of the big changes to this version is that we have disabled clean URLs by default during the install of Pixie. We hope this will improve compatibility with Windows servers and give people a better experience when they are testing the application. Those of you using Linux/Unix based hosting will probably want to enable clean URLs after you have installed Pixie.

One more thing to note is that we have published the upgrade instructions to the wiki, unfortunately they are a little convoluted. If you get stuck or find bugs - please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

Release Notes - Version 1.01


  • French language.
  • Italian language.
  • Spanish language.
  • Polish language.
  • Finnish language.
  • RSS: wfw:comments element added to RSS feeds (made possible by TransFormr & Microformats). This allows services such as FeedBurner to display how many comments have been made on a post.
  • Code moved into SVN on Google Code.


  • Security fixes.
  • Blog/Dynamic posts can now have longer titles (100 chars to 255).
  • Clean URLs to be OFF by default during install to improve server compatibility.
  • Firefox 3 CSS bugs.
  • IE6 & IE7 CSS bugs.
  • Small CSS tweak for Google Chrome browser.
  • Bug where dynamic posts set in the future would appear in RSS feeds.
  • TinyMce upgrade to 3.1.1
  • Bug where removing the comments plugin did not remove commenting options from a dynamic page.
  • Some Time & Timezone fixes - others are still outstanding.
  • Issue 1 - Bug where pipes (|) in content caused updates not to be saved.
  • Comment line breaks converted into html <br/>.
  • Bug where draft posts in a blog/dynamic page can still be seen.
  • Bug where tag cloud block would show tags for draft posts in blog/dynamic pages.
  • Admin bar date is now set to user preference from within Pixie.
  • Issue 2 - Bad SQL causes install to fail.
  • Issue 3 - Admin user not created during install.
  • Issue 4 - Posting a new blog entry doesn't work. MySQL error.
  • Issue 5 - Draft posts are displayed by the Recent Posts block and viewable by direct link.
  • Bug where IP addresses were not being linked properly to network-tools from the dashboard.
By Pixie Admin Last updated: 8 May 2010, 15:09