Pixie v1.02

The next release of Pixie is now ready for download, it contains a patch for the security flaw found last week. Upgrade instructions can be found in the wiki, unfortunately they are a little bloated. If you get stuck or find bugs in this release - please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

Release Notes - Version 1.02


  • Security fixes.
  • Bug where adding new users sometimes gave them super-user privileges.
By Pixie Admin Last updated: 22 April 2009, 19:41


Gravatar Image #1 barat 5346 days ago.

Well ... I downloaded it and ... after 10 min I was able to do everything what I wanted :) I was determined to write my own, simple script for backend sites but this one is so lightweight (comparing to WordPress...). It will spare me a lot of time :) One sugesstion - can You implement in config file a function which will give the option to change link separator from "/" to "-" or "," ... and add a ext ".html" at the end ? Or maybe something like routes.php config in Kohanaphp ... ? :) Just to give possibility to make a custom links (now I can do it in .htaccess but pixie itself wont generate links in specified format)

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