Pixie v1.03

An early Christmas present. The next release of Pixie is ready for download, it is a bug fix release and recommend for everyone. One of the big changes in this version is that theme developers can now specify their own index.php file as part of a theme. This should increase flexibility when designing themes. All existing themes will continue to work as normal.

Upgrade instructions can be found in the wiki and if you require any help please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

A big thanks to everyone who has helped get this together (Isa, Sam, Tony, rm & everyone in the forums). Have a great Christmas break, you have earned it!

Release Notes - Version 1.03


  • Security - comment throttling prevents more than 4 comments in a 4 hour time period.
  • Support for custom index.php files in your themes.


  • Timezone fixes.
  • Latest jQuery (1.3.2).
  • Temporary fix for allowing "links" module to be used as the homepage.
  • No . files and .php only when scanning directories.
  • Caching on any RSS blocks to improve page load times.
  • Performance fix: stop creation of the pixie_bad_behavior table on every page load.
  • Bug where adding new users sometimes fails due to biography being null.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
By Pixie Admin Last updated: 10 January 2010, 23:00


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Nice one Scott!

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