Pixie vulnerabilities discovered

I have just returned from a few weeks away to a barrage of emails detailing four new Pixie vulnerabilities. The good news is that none of them are severe but it is worth being away of these problems. The details are here:

These security issues are present in all versions of Pixie including the current stable and beta. Please post your patches and fixes to the forum.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 7 August 2010, 11:47


Gravatar Image #1 Tony 4885 days ago.

I doubt very highly that any of the proof of concepts work unless you are logged in. I shall see when I get some time free. :) Ha, ha I love these guys, they always try to find stuff and the best they can come up with is a part of Pixie that isn't even user facing and site wide. They didn't even find the big security problem...

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