Portfolio & Review modules

Its been a busy week for Pixie, we pushed out lots of new themes a few days ago and last night we uploaded two new modules as well.


Pixie - form inline upload

The first of our new modules is a portfolio module that allows you to manage a collection of your work. The module is very similar to the one we use on the toggle site. The module features:

  • In line upload (see screenshot above) - This is the first module to make use of this.
  • Archives - An archive switch that shows thumbnails of all your work in the database.
  • Tagging - Include the tag-cloud block along side this page to give users the option of filtering your work by tag.
  • Date order - All items are ordered by date (newest to oldest).

The reviews module is designed for sites that review products and services. A similar implementation can be seen on the Anderra site. The module features:

  • hReview microformats - The hReview format is based on a set of fields common to numerous review sites and formats in use on the web.
  • In line upload - Upload an image directly into the publish form.
  • Tagging - Include the tag-cloud block along side this page to give users the option of filtering the reviews by tag.
  • Popularity - Each review has a permalink which is used to track popularity of a review.
  • Name order - All items are ordered alphabetically (A to Z).
  • Reviewer - Each review is stored against the user that created it.

Tip: You can also use the <!--more--> tag in each review to create a "continue reading..." link, perfect for longer reviews.

You will probably want to open up your layout.css file (on your current theme) and apply styles for both of these modules to customise them. If you have any problems please post your questions to the Pixie forums.

These two modules bring our development on Pixie to a close for this year. We will be back in January with our first showcase of 2009 and hopefully our first upgrade to the Pixie core shortly after. See you then!

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 18 December 2008, 17:27


Gravatar Image #1 Andrew 5448 days ago.

I've been hoping for a good portfolio module. Now I just need time to actually re-design my own website so it uses pixie :).

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