September site showcase

September is here and we have some more sites to showcase, if you are making use of Pixie for your website then please let us know so we can showcase your site here next month.

David Riding


David Riding tree surgery and forestry contractors.

Roberto Fonti


Blog, portfolio and C.V of Roberto Fonti.



This is our own site that was built on an early version of Pixie. We are a design and web agency from London, England.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 1 September 2008, 11:49


Gravatar Image #1 Marc 5549 days ago.

Hi Scott, Great work by the way. Am loving how simple Pixie is to install and use. Was wondering if the portfolio module you use on the toggle site is available as it appears to fit my own needs very closely? Keep up the great work

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5547 days ago.

Hi Marc. We are hoping to release the portfolio module but it will not be for a few months yet. I need to make some changes to the code as we run quite an old version of Pixie on the toggle site.

Gravatar Image #3 Roberto Fonti 5547 days ago.

hi great work with Pixie!!!

Gravatar Image #4 New Year 5466 days ago.

Pretty nice, and easy to look at design!

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