Some news

This blog and project has been a dreary place to be around for the last few months and for that I apologise. I have been exploring my options for the project and have yet to uncover a sensible route forward. The good news is that I now have a cunning plan. I am not quite ready to share it with the world. I will save that for next week, once I have had time to construct yet another demo.

New premium theme(s)

Northern Lights theme

It occurred to me last week that we have a theme coded up that is not being distributed. The theme is called "northern lights" and you can download it for just £1.50. The theme is beautiful and can be seen in the screenshot above and tested on the Pixie demo site.

Why so cheap and why are we doing this? It's time we found legitimate ways to generate revenue from Pixie and there will be more news on how we will do this next week. On top of that we are trying a new web app called Pulley. Pulley will be taking care of the sale and distribution of the themes.

Two previously free themes: Letters from Japan and Greenfingers will now also be sold for £1.50 and can be downloaded from the themes section of the website.

Project Updates

I have already said it twice but I will say it again. I have a plan for Pixie and I am really excited about it. I will not be able to do it alone and part of my next post will have more details about the three people I am looking for to join the team. It might be you I am looking for so please pop back to the blog next week.


Last year we did really well to secure a runner up place in the Open Source CMS awards. I am not expecting anywhere near as much success as last year but its worth a try right? The nominations stage has now started and I would be very grateful for your Pixie recommendations.

Stay tuned!

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 16 August 2010, 20:43


Gravatar Image #1 prisca 4858 days ago.

Scott ;) great news.... ! Just happy to know you have a plan ;) Onto a bright future then with Pixie ;) YAY :) nomination done :)

Gravatar Image #2 d. 4858 days ago.

Woohoo! Still kicking are we? I'm excited and very curious.

Gravatar Image #3 frank 4857 days ago.

Glad to hear such a good news Scott ! The new admin demo rocks ! (execpt perhaps the flash menu with the sound ... ;-) ). Idea of premium themes is good and hope flattr support will grow up ! Thanx again Scott ! Nomination done too

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