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Lots of you have had the chance to download Pixie by now... what do you think? We hope you have found it useful as well as easy to use. If you think Pixie is something you would like to keep using use then please consider supporting the project by using the button below to save Pixie to your favourite social networks:

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By Pixie Admin Last updated: 3 October 2008, 11:01


Gravatar Image #1 Laura 5679 days ago.

Thanks for a great, simple CMS system. I would love to see it expanded with more modules and plugins, but I'm sure that's around the corner. Perhaps I will try my hand at contributing some :)

Gravatar Image #2 Scott Evans 5678 days ago.

Hi Laura, thanks for your kind words. Our main priority at the moment is basic language support which will increase the reach of Pixie. I am hoping to release a few more blocks and modules over the next month, will post them up to the blog when they are ready!

Gravatar Image #3 marten 5624 days ago.

hi there, firstly i want to say that i really like pixie - it is nice, clean and nearly perfect for small websites. i would like to use it for a little project, but they just speak german - so it would be necessary to translate pixie. is anybody doing this right now? can you help me to contact them, so that i can work on it, maybe? thanks a lot. marten

Gravatar Image #4 Martin 5594 days ago.

Congrats! Pixie is very impressive. A gallery module/plugin would make this a complete CMS for 90% of the work I do.

Gravatar Image #5 Scott Evans 5594 days ago.

Hi Martin, glad to hear you like Pixie! its great to see people excited by it. We will hopefully have time to release some more modules soon. We are working on a review module as well as portfolio and a simple gallery.

Gravatar Image #6 Martin 5591 days ago.

If I could have one feature in a gallery module it would be to have the option of being able to re-order pics manually so they display in that order on a page. An example would be how you reorder the 'Pages in navigation'. I'm not aware of any CMS that does this.

Gravatar Image #7 tek 5578 days ago.

Hello there, i was wondering if there was an alternative way to submit items ive developed for pixie other than the google group forums, it seems on more than one occasion, i try to post something but the post never shows up, i dont know if its my PC or a timezone difference. its quite odd.

Gravatar Image #8 Scott Evans 5577 days ago.

Head over to the toggle site, you will find our email address there. Send anything you like to us and we can get it posted back here for everyone to use. It is a bit strange that Google Groups is losing your messages! not good news.

Gravatar Image #9 tek 5577 days ago.

Thank you! Yes I find it odd myself that my messages wont post, sometimes they will, and other times they wont, I've cleaned out my temp files and cookies, even used different browsers, all have the same issue, Thank you for the link though, ill use that =)

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