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Apparently there is a website where you can send small messages to each other (140 charachters at a time) and apparently that website has become very popular. Not be to left out in the cold we felt it was time that Pixie joined in on the activity know as "tweeting" and made some friends of his own. In short: you can now follow Pixie on twitter.

We will be logging in occasionally to field any quick support questions and post links to relevant Pixie news.

By Pixie Admin Last updated: 13 April 2010, 15:00


Gravatar Image #1 Tony 4997 days ago.

Sup! Prefer : myself being all in for open source. It's less popular than twitter though. Hope there won't be too many tweets about what Pixie had for breakfast. :)

Gravatar Image #2 Eoghan 4992 days ago.

Hi guys, spreading the word about pixie over at webdesignerforum, hope you're getting a few extra downloads now

Gravatar Image #3 Scott Evans 4989 days ago.

Hi Eoghan - thanks for sharing Pixie. Pixie has seen a boost in traffic these last few days :)

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