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The Plan

As promised last week. Here is the Pixie 2.0 plan:


At the end of last week I submitted an application to the 10k Apart competition. The competition aims to explore what is possible with just 10k of code and the latest bleeding edge web standards (HTML5). My entry is nanoPixie (votes are appreciated), an application that makes use of the HTML5 feature contentEditable. nanoPixie is basic but it occurred to me that this finally brings true WYSIWYG editing to the web. I saw the future.

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By Pixie Admin

Pixie goes forth (again)

Those of you who keep a close eye on Pixie will realise that I have not been particularly active with the project since around December. Despite this the project has seen two releases and momentum has been fairly strong. This momentum has been dependant on the hard work of others and I am extremely grateful for the support and input the project has experienced. As part of this flurry of activity we are hoping to release 1.05 in the very near future. You can already try the beta that will address some of the problems we have seen in 1.04.

It has been quite a turbulent and reflective start to 2010. In January I was not sure what or where I would be focusing my energy this year. Today though I have a clear path and direction. That path is toggle (my company) and I have been lucky to see it survive a recession and begin to flourish.

Since the start of the year the future of Pixie has been constantly at the back of my mind and in the last few weeks I have finally made a decision. My involvement with Pixie is likely to dwindle as toggle grows and I do not want this to have a negative impact on what has been a very successful start to an open source project. Its not been an easy decision but I have decided to pass Pixie on to new management. I have decided the best way for me to do this is via online auction - you can buy the project, brand and source code on Flippa.

Without a doubt the project has been a success. On a personal level for getting toggle off the ground - Pixie was the launch platform for our first year in business, it has been deployed by us on many many websites and continues to work flawlessly. On top of that it has been downloaded well over 27,000 times, translated into 18 languages and awarded second place in the Packt open source CMS awards for 'most promising open source cms'. Pixie has stood its ground against larger projects with more funding, more support and bigger communities. I am hoping who ever decides to take Pixie forward will have the vision and ideas to continue with this trend. Pixie deserves it.

So this is the start of a new beginning, we are treading into unknown water and it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. I am not going to disappear overnight, I intend to keep helping out in every way I can. Its been a fantastic ride and I thank you all for sharing it with me.

By Pixie Admin