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Interface Design - Chapter 2 - Pixie 1.0

My final university project (completed almost two years ago) was to take SMX (Pixies predecessor) and work on a new interface design. The project lasted five months and included a number of usability studies, eight variations of the design and a great deal of work to come up with something that felt unique and usable.

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Interface Design - Chapter 1 - SMX

Over the coming weeks I will be writing about Pixie's interface design. While I am happy with the current interface I want to explore how we ended up with the current design and also where we may take the design of Pixie (and the whole project) in future. For me this has been the most interesting part of of Pixie's development and while the programming the app has been a great opportunity to develop my PHP knowledge I have found working on the interface a far more interesting challenge.

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