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Pixie v1.04

Today we are releasing Pixie v1.04. As mentioned earlier in the week there have been plenty of improvements made in this version. See the change log for a detailed list. This version of Pixie has been primarily tested on PHP5 platforms so those of you who run PHP4 on your servers may wish to upgrade Pixie with caution - remember to backup your site and database.

Upgrade instructions can be found in the Wiki. As so much has changed we have also released an advisory page to aid you with the procedure.

This release would not have been possible without the help of Tony, Sam and Isa - over the last few months their attention to the project has been hugely appreciated. If you would like to show your support please consider a donation to the team to buy a few beers.

As always we look forward to seeing the sites you create with Pixie and if you have any problems please post them to the Pixie forums. We will be posting back here soon with some plans for the future of Pixie, there has been some talk about a complete rewrite for Pixie 2.0 - more soon!

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Pixie 1.04 (alpha) - Lets get testing

After three months of frantic development, the alpha (pre release) version of the popular simple open source content management system: Pixie 1.04a is available! Tony has been working exceptionally hard to patch bugs and improve the core architecture. As a result, there are plenty of changes. Here are some of the big ones:

  • jQuery 1.4.2 - jQuery has been upgraded to the latest release.
  • jQuery from Google apis - You can now choose to serve jQuery from Google's servers.
  • Tablesorter - You can now sort the columns in the dashboard log.
  • GZIP compression - You can compress your site's themes and the admin area using GZIP compression. This speeds up Pixie on slow hosts.
  • CKEditor - TinyMCE just wasn't doing it. We now have the most popular WYSIWYG editor available built right into Pixie.
  • More languages - We have added translations from contributors around the world to increase the amount of languages Pixie supports along with cleaning up existing ones.
  • Installer - Improvements to the installer to further simplify the process and add some new advanced features. You can now install more than one copy of Pixie on a single database.

We would love to have your feedback on this release before we push it live as an official upgrade. You can post your thoughts, bugs and ideas to us on the Pixie forums. Once again I would to thank Tony for all his hard work. Lets get testing! Download Pixie 1.04a.

By Pixie Admin

Pixie v1.03

An early Christmas present. The next release of Pixie is ready for download, it is a bug fix release and recommend for everyone. One of the big changes in this version is that theme developers can now specify their own index.php file as part of a theme. This should increase flexibility when designing themes. All existing themes will continue to work as normal.

Upgrade instructions can be found in the wiki and if you require any help please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

A big thanks to everyone who has helped get this together (Isa, Sam, Tony, rm & everyone in the forums). Have a great Christmas break, you have earned it!

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Pixie v1.02

The next release of Pixie is now ready for download, it contains a patch for the security flaw found last week. Upgrade instructions can be found in the wiki, unfortunately they are a little bloated. If you get stuck or find bugs in this release - please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

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