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Pixie takes runner up spot as "Most Promising Open Source CMS"

Yeasterday Packt Publishing announced the winners of the 2009 Most Promising Open Source CMS competition and Pixie came runner up! This is a massive achievement for such a small CMS and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us. We came joint second with Pligg, while Impress CMS took the top spot. From Packt Publishing:

We are pleased to announce that ImpressCMS has won the Most Promising Open Source CMS Category in the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. While ImpressCMS took first place in this category, Pixie and Pligg weren’t far behind and settled for a tie in the first runner up spot.

ImpressCMS has featured in the top three in this category for the second time in a row, and has lived up to its reputation this year by winning the top spot.

Pixie and Pligg, on the other hand, featured in this category for the first time and managed to impress a lot of judges with their quality and support.

Here's the distribution of the prize fund for this category:

  • ImpressCMS: $2,000
  • Pixie: $1,000
  • Pligg: $1,000

More news to follow (once we have heard from Packt). Thanks again!

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Pixie makes the finals

Great news! Pixie has made it through to the finals of the Packt publishing Open Source CMS Awards in the category of "Most Promising Open Source CMS".

Vote for Pixie

Once again we need your help, voting has already started and we are up against some great competition, the final five are:

Public votes will be combined with ratings from a panel of Judges with the winners announced on November 9. Packt is also giving away an 8GB iPod Touch to three lucky winners chosen randomly from the voting stage. Vote for Pixie »

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Vote for Pixie - Most Promising Open Source CMS

We are proud to announce that Pixie has been nominated in the "Most Promising Open Source CMS" category of this years PacktPub CMS Awards. If you have found Pixie a useful tool we would really appreciate a vote:

Vote for Pixie

Your votes (for this first stage) must be made by 10th September 2009. Thanks :)

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Using MAMP as a local development server

This is the most geeky post we have ever put up on the blog, but having spent the last four hours knee deep in DNS, Apache and everywhere in-between I feel this information needs to be shared.

I will start off by explaining my requirements. I am thinking of buying a Mac Pro to use as my main machine and to replace the Linux server we currently have setup in the corner of the office. If the Mac Pro is going to replace the Linux box it needs to provide us with a web server (as well as file sharing, media sharing etc) and the web server needs to be accessible over the local network to all other machines in the office. Our Linux box is serving us well but I see an opportunity to merge two computers into one; making for a greener office and hopefully it will be a little easier to manage (I am far more comfortable in OSX than ClarkConnect). We call our Linux machine "tux", it has its own DNS server that means we can access it over the network at tux.lan. It works well but one of my issues with it has been having to install websites into sub-directories. For example our local toggle website sits at tux.lan/ Because our local sites do not live in a root web folder our local sites can have a number of differences compared to the live sites, these differences mean we have to be careful when deploying changes.

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