A clean two column theme with wood panelling and type replacement using Cufon.

Version: 1.0 Author: Ryan McDonough

Central one column layout with subtle green contemporary header (easily changed in the CSS).

Version: 1.1 Author: Phu Ly

Artyistic is a clean and modern theme with two columns. The theme is well contrasted using dark areas for the header/footer and lighter colours for the content.

Version: 1.0 Author: Judith Knight

A light and clean theme that was designed to complement Pixie.

Version: 1.1 Author: toggle
Blue Idea

A clean and modern 2 column theme in blue. You will probably want to edit the logo.gif image in the images folder to customise the site design.

Version: 1.0 Author: Lively web directory

Bluebird is a happy blue and brown, 2-column theme. The header features a simple bird illustration.

Version: 1.0 Author: Randa Clay
Bus Full Of Hippies

A very popular contemporary floral theme that works brilliantly for blogs.

Version: 1.1 Author: John Oxton
Chaotic Soul

A dark two column theme which makes use of a strong grid.

Version: 1.1 Author: Bryan Veloso

Cheron is a contrasty two column theme - one white column, one black. The columns are fluid. The theme is inspired by the original Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield". Not designed to work with older browsers (IE6 & IE7).

Version: 1.0 Author: Ralph Mayer

A seasonal winter theme for Pixie. The main focus of this design is a husky dog & snow covered mountain background. This theme can be easily customised with different background images.

Version: 1.0 Author: Ralph Mayer / Fen

Premium theme: Buy for £1.50 / $3
Green fingers is an illustration based botanical theme that uses a two column grid. Perfect for those with Green fingers! Try it on the demo site »

Version: 1.1 Author: Gemma Garner
Hello Wiki

Hello Wiki is a versatile theme that feels clean but not bland. Well suited for corporate sites or blogs.

Version: 1.1 Author: Fen

Love Macs? You will love iTheme. Oozing OSX style, this gorgeous theme is ideal for any website.

Version: 1.1 Author: Nick La
Jungle Pixie

This is an extremly stylish theme with plenty of  room for customisations. See the included instructions.txt file for information and tips.

Version: 1.0 Author: Judith Knight

Kwyjibo is a unique theme in terms of design and layout. The navigation sits to the left with content on the right hand side.

Version: 1.1 Author: Ralph Mayer
Letters from India

A theme inspired by letters from India. The theme would make the perfect travel blog.

Version: 1.1 Author: toggle
Letters from Japan

Premium theme: Buy for £1.50 / $3
Inspired by childhood letters from Japan. The theme is based on a Japanese envelope and makes full use of your browser window. Try it on the demo site »

Version: 1.0 Author: Gemma Garner / toggle

This is a nice simple, light, and clean theme with one column for navigation and a second for the main content.

Version: 1.2 Author: Up North Design / Andrew Gregory

Migrated is a theme based on the migration of birds. With natural colours and simple illustration this theme is ideal for bloggers.

Version: 1.1 Author: Gemma Garner
Northern Lights

Premium theme: Buy for £1.50 / $3
Colourful, bright and with an interesting navigation style; Northern Lights is our first Premium theme. Try it on the demo site »

Version: 1.0 Author: toggle
Purple Flowers

Very much as the title suggests - a purple floral theme that is well suited to blogging.

Version: 1.0 Author: Tony White

Simpla is as simple does. A stylish, clean theme with attention to typographic detail, packaged in a two column grid.

Version: 1.1 Author: Phu Ly

This is a dark theme with clean, colourful pixel illustration. Great for gamers or those who would like their site to have a retro feel.

Version: 1.1 Author: Marcel Winatschek

Texas is a two column blue theme with a hint of patriotism and some fun illustrations.

Version: 1.0 Author: Christopher Babione
Theme template

Use this template to start your Pixie theme. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

Version: 1.0 Author: Scott Evans

Water is blue. Very blue. The name speaks for iteself. The theme makes use of some neat CSS3 tricks.

Version: 1.0 Author: Ralph Mayer
Web 2.0

The web 2.0 theme is a modified version of iTheme. Its very clean and very blue with glossy edges.

Version: 1.1 Author: tek
Zoot Suit

A theme inspired by pinstriped zoot suits of the 1930's. Its dark, clean and has a hint of blue in the header.

Version: 1.0 Author: toggle