Pixie Support

Welcome to the Pixie support wiki, on this page you will find guides and tutorials for getting started with Pixie. For those of you that are new to Pixie we suggest you start here. We also have a very useful guide on how to get Pixie installed and a PDF guide on using Pixie.

If you have any questions then the best place to get help is the Pixie forums and the FAQ page.

The pages in this wiki are loaded from our Google Code Wiki, if any page fails to load then you will be able to read it on our Google project.

Support Pixie

A great deal of time has gone into developing Pixie and we would like your help to make Pixie even better. The best thing you can give the project at the moment is your time, we are looking for developers (to improve the code base, develop modules and offer technical advice), designers (to create themes and offer them to the community) and translators (to translate Pixie so we can reach people all across the globe.).

You may also consider donating to the project which will help fund our development time so we can focus on Pixie and less on client work. A donate button can be found at the top of each page on this site.