Getting Started


Pixie is a downloadable application you install on your own web server that allows you to create, setup and maintain (adding and editing content) your own website. Pixie sits quietly behind your site and is not visible to site visitors. You can login to Pixie via your web browser to work on your site anywhere in the world, the interface is simple and intuitive. If you want to try Pixie please visit the demo site.

Pixie was created with a single vision: that anyone should be able to create and maintain a website... and - more importantly - that it should be an easy and straightforward process, so how are we doing?

Where are we now?

The first release of Pixie still isn't as easy as we would like. It still has some technical barriers. Those of you who are unfamiliar with FTP and are unsure of what hosting is, may find setting up Pixie quite difficult. If that sounds like you, we have provided a step by step guide of how to get Pixie installed. If you are still having trouble getting Pixie setup, please ask for help in the forums or contact toggle who offer an installation service for a small fee.

Once Pixie is setup we are sure you will find it a pleasure to use (we do!). For tips and advice on using the interface we have created a PDF user guide.

We are aware that Pixie has plenty of room for improvement, the settings area is quite primitive and block handling is far from perfect. As we continue to develop Pixie we will be looking to make improvements to the whole system, in both the underlying code (it certainly needs it) and the interface. At the same time we are very cautious of adding too much to the system, we want to keep Pixie simple and light.

What plans do we have for the future?

Looking ahead

We have lots of plans for Pixie: features, interfaces and lots more great add-ons. The list below is some of the more important features and ideas we would like to implement over the coming years:


  • Hosted Pixie - We will host Pixie for you... for free! A simple sign up form and your site will be ready to use. This helps remove the technical barrier of getting Pixie setup on your own web server.
  • Pixie Pro - For a small yearly fee you will get access to "Pixie Pro", an area on the Pixie site where you can download exclusive add-ons (themes, modules etc). The great thing about Pixie Pro is that if you donate your theme, add-on or extra to it, you will get free access to the goodies!


  • Core framework - The code that powers Pixie could do with improving, we will be looking at redeveloping the entire code base.
  • A refined interface - We currently have 8 ideas for an improved interface, we will be working on refining this via community feedback on the blog.
  • Block management - A way of handling, sorting and editing blocks.
  • Multi-level navigation - One of the most requested features is support for more than one level of pages.
  • Templates - Require more than the standard layout? Optional layout templates for themes.
  • Remote control - Control all of your websites (even on different servers) from one copy of Pixie.

If you have questions or comments about this page head to the Pixie forums.